Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whats in a name?

Individual Liberty and God vs Controlling Governments:

What do you call it when the Government runs businesses, banks, the media, the schools, medicine, and decides what you can and cannot say in public? The answer today in this country is now called the progressive movement.
Yet in the past, the Progressive Party was just a more palatable name for the Communist Party.

Communal living was tried before in this nation’s history, these Christians called themselves Pilgrims.
This system of government also failed horribly; as the sluggards figured out that others would take care of them.
Only the native people of this land saved the Europeans from certain death, by teaching them the art of trade or Capitalism.

Whether a Christian or a Heathen, conservative or a liberal, history has proved that man’s sin nature has never changed
Yet his actions are called by different names. National Socialism has also been tried before, and it oppressed people from their individual liberties and even their lives.

Our founding Fathers understood this principle of oppressive governments, in pray fully writing our Constitution.
They realized that God and his principles; must always be put above a people, or their government to insure freedom.
They knew the principle of individual freedoms, and responsibility were endowed by our Creator, and were always to be put ahead of government controls, not government controls being put before God and a people.

Whenever God or peoples are ignored by a government; the results have always been the same.