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I just got back from our men's breakfast at Church today.

I later realized that political correctness is used as a tool to silence the opposition of traditional rite and wrong.

This can only be a weapon devised of Satan himself. Think about it, who other would craft a weapon that could be so potent against traditional Christian Values.

When the Apostle Peter told Christ that he would never let him die on a cross, what did Jesus tell him... He said get behind me Satan. Political correctness is the same animal. It replaces God's law, with the "best of intended natural human sentiment". This has never served well in replacing the truth that needed to function in a society for the betterment of us all.

Let's take this premise to another level. Marriage, the foundation of the Church and her union with Christ our King. If we replace the terminology of husband or wife with the unisex term of significant other, does this not serve to undermine the very foundation of marriage by the power of the word itself?

That's another thing, the power of the written or spoken word. It is seemingly insignificant, yet whole cultures have disappeared because of the power of words. Does somebody see something that most others would miss going on here? I do, even the convenient surname of Ms. really is undermining the role of marriage, again (if you think about it) one can see the significance of this type of political correctness. If it were not important, than why would others become so upset if one should object? Or better yet have the moral fortitude to challenge the notion?

It is the most potent tool used today in the culture war!

If a Christian or others were to object to this Political Correctness weapon, they are attacked and marginalizes by being labeled as backward, old fashion, laughed at, and if that does not work than the intensity goes to the next level!

This has always been the way of oppression. You will now be called a sexist, homophobe, or cultural bigot. Than the next level of personal persecution could be that you are a racist, or a chauvinist intolerant of others different than yourself. It goes on and on , and just for trying to expose this lie of political correctness. No wonder traditionalists or Christians are afraid to speak out!

But Jesus said that he came to bring a sword (the word) to divide between truth and lie.

It is time that the Christian takes a stand against these wars of words, stands up and defends his faith with the truth and not allow the other words of political correctness (the other sword) to slay the culture of the west and his Church.

Be advised however, this must be done in love. And that takes getting on ones knees, to overcome the temptation of putting this war on a fallen level, that is always destructive for all that are involved and that would be good for no one.

For a house divided can not stand.

Roland Dell

Lightship Ministries

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Talk Radio, our last freedom?

Let’s Make U.S. Heritage disappear

Carl Marx discovered that if you deny the very existence of God, this was the most effective way to control peoples thinking and promote the State as “god”. Although he believed in God, as he was a Satanist, he hated the Church, so he used science to dispute even the very existence of God.

Adolph Hitler also hated the Church, his philosophy leaned towards the teachings of Niche, the philosopher that said “I think therefore I am”, another humanistic anti God world view.

Many left leaning politicians and professors love to espouse the very same world view.

Yet continually use NAZI Germany in the late 1930’s as an example of silencing any decent from their viewpoints. This is identical in substance to any tyranny throughout history.

A good example of this is the recent proposal to have the Government control talk radio.

Talk radio by its very nature optimizes our freedom of speech, it is a two way medium directly involving the population.

In contrast, TV broadcasts, the printed word, recordings ect, allow no interaction with the population, it is simply one way communication tool.

This is precisely why the Nazi’s and other tyrants could not have allowed talk radio in their times!

By its very nature it would stand in the way of silencing their opposition politically, and would have exposed their agenda viewpoints. Only some one who is scared of being exposed would ever implement such a policy.

The Constitution ensures that Americans can enjoy these freedoms. However, if the Constitution is not protected for what it says, and is reinterpreted to mean something other than it says it becomes just a worthless piece of old papers.

This is why an understanding of tried and true Constitutional Law must be adhered to, and activist Judges have no place in this process.

Just think what would have happened if activist Judges would have changed the meaning to our Constitution throughout history or if extremist would have gotten in power and interpreted it to mean what they wanted it to mean.

If Constitutional law is not strictly enforced devoid of politics’, It becomes a worthless piece of paper. A friend of mine from New York explained to me that the law means nothing without enforcement. If any Tyrant can remove the voice of the people, and change the meaning of our heritage within the United States, he has effectively overthrown the Constitution.

This is the danger of historical revisionists, and “educational activists”. This is why the Supreme Court nominations must have a background in Constitutional law and U.S. history.

This is also precisely why the founding fathers in this Country so fervently pushed the Idea of a Creator. They knew that without accountability to a Supreme Being, tyranny and kayos would be the result.

Western Values

Faultline USA: U.S. Military to Ditch the Red Cross for the Red Crystal

Faultline USA: U.S. Military to Ditch the Red Cross for the Red Crystal

I am outraged by the removal of the symbol of red cross from our medical facilities and ambulances. The Hospitalers, that gave us the term hospital are accredited with the use of the red cross as far back as the middle ages.

I am tired of apologizing to the world for our Western Heritage! Multiculturalism is supposed to celibate our differences in cultures, not remove anything that is found distasteful to others and call it accommodation. When I was trained by the Army, as an equal opportunity representative the premise was to create a greater harmony by celebrating and discussing our differences. Not by destroying any symbol of the Church or any other remotely similar symbols of western civilization. I have found that once a traditional symbol or expression is suppressed it seldom resurfaces, and is lost in posterity. This effectively erases any trace of our western civilization or culture, and our children have once again lost any cultural links to our past.

Strangely enough, one of the instructors that taught my course in the Army said that if we would not agree with her about the instatement of multiculturalism in "our" culture that we would merely be an "educated racist". By who's authority is this premise taught? I thought we were taught to discuss and celibate our cultures as Americans and Soldiers. The problem with pluralism is that there can be no bases of values, because no one can agree upon any particular code of conduct, or actions. The only thing that save the U.S. Army from this problem is it's "ARMY VALUES".

We are not even allowed to show the ten commandments in public anymore. The irony about such teaching are that they are intended to promote multiculturalism, but by the very nature that this course is taught, it denies the very principles it claims to endorse.

I did very well in this course of study, however I was disturbed by being taught that the "white man is the oppressor"! I have never oppressed anyone! Furthermore, anything that I have ever learned about my family has always shown compassion for the oppressed or those in need.

How dare anyone inject race into the condition of the human heart! Any race has the potentencial to misuse there God given authority or power, and indeed this has always occurred. Yes, historically peoples have been oppressed by other peoples, but this will never justify the continuation of it. Can't they see it? Teaching one thing and acting another?

The removal of the red cross from our military facilities, is no different than the removal from the ambulance in the 1960's in this country. It was also the time that our children lost the right to pray, or even have a moment of silence in our schools, when will this organizational heresy cease?

Perhaps when western civilization is completely erased by another culture?

It is time for those who value the principles of western culture to say enough, of this hypocrisy!

Chaplain Dell

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spree said...
Great post and don't that beat all. All this political correctness is going to get alot of people killed.

Mon Jan 15, 07:00:00 PM 2007
bernie said...
A world where nothing is offensive? It's a contradiction in terms: I find such a world offensive.

Tue Jan 16, 01:19:00 AM 2007
Debbie said...
Excellent post, and you are right. The Red Cross will be next. But no one will dare try to get rid of the red Crescent. spit

Tue Jan 16, 07:56:00 AM 2007
Faultline USA said...
Yes, since the use of the Red Crystal is optional at this point, and it was adopted in order to allow Israel to join the International Red Cross, it will have the same symbolic effect as the Star of David.

I agree. Are we moving into a world where we mustn’t say or do anything offensive? If so, that enforced inoffensiveness will leave us precious little to discuss. And that which we cannot openly voice will silently smolder in our souls.

What unbelievable blinders the p.c. crowd wears!