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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I would destroy Western Civilization

With all the events transpiring in our present day Culture and Federal Government, I’ve decided to try and write down the best ways I could think of in destroying traditional American Values, and our standing as the last great hope for the world.

The first thing I would attempt to do is to remove any idea of a God or higher moral authority than man. I must first accomplish this goal before having any hope of manipulating people to “my way of thinking” this has been attempted throughout history and still holds true today. Carl Marx primarily wanted to destroy the Church using Darwinism as miens to prove there is no God, along with other humanistic philosophers of the time. Adolf Hitler also had to put an end to the influences of the Church in attempting to achieve his goals, and although at politically opposite end of the spectrum than the Russians; still had to implement such strategies.

Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of the concept of a higher authority and hope than themselves, and continually attempted to acknowledge to presence of a just and moral God in the public arenas. Evan Thomas Jefferson understood the need to have freedom of religion for the people. He did not want a tyrannical ruling government to be able to interfere with people’s private convictions at home nor in public.

After the Second World War in the United States, a shortage of teachers existed within our schools. This void was soon to be filled by the “progressives” of the day from Europe; who like Carl Marx would systematically implement their humanistic views to our children. This agenda was, and is still a dogmatically guarded secret, within our public schools even today. The textbooks currently produced for our children’s education go to great lengths to remove any hint of the good produced from Western Civilization once taught to our parents, and replaced with multiculturalism.
It is the dumbing down of our children by the “tree of knowledge crowd” who Satan uses as his mouthpiece, in whispering once again in the ear of our children; “surely you do not think you will die” if you eat of this fruit.

Nationalism must also be replaced, and like the concept of God, is considered antiquated; and of no use for the Global greater good. Yes, it is the New World Order of tyrannical human government that must be implemented, and the old ideas of God and Nationalism must be replaced by humanism and multicultural pluralisms. This is why conservative thought is scoffed at by progressive elitists in this country.

My next step would then be in manipulating and controlling the Constitution of the United States. It would be the next step to oppress descent in the culture war, giving special interest groups protections, above and beyond the majority. This works contrary to the idea of a democratic republic, and threatens the very fabric of our freedoms and our families.

The idea of Slavery had to be overturned to reflect the ideals of a free society, and was done so; paid for with the blood of many Americans. Yet the oppression of a people, took many more years to be made right by legislation in this just cause.
The Constitution does not lend protection to merely lifestyles, nor behaviors of individuals or special interests groups. The only exception to this is the institution of marriage, given by God, for the protection and procreation of our families, and the continuation of our species.

The next step would then be to try and distort the institution of marriage, from what it was intended to be. If it could be proven that people are born with a genetic chromosome disorder, this perhaps might lend constitutional protection to these groups of people.
Although this would be an exception rather than the rule (if it were true) because genetically this defect would disappear as homosexuals cannot reproduce.

Rather, I would surmise than that this lifestyle is a result of something we all struggle with known as sin. Any sexual sin, outside to confines of marriage is spoken of in the Bible as a sin against the body, and against ourselves and society.
Sexual sin does not discriminate in who or what it controls, and only deepens our need for deliverance in this area and should never be promoted as a norm.

Perhaps it is with good reason people will not speak openly in this area for fear of repercussion to themselves and their families. Yet it must be addressed realistically and candidly if we are to hold on to the values and precepts of Western Civilization and the family.

I will close this part of my commentary by quoting the Apostle Paul from
1 Cor. 6:9-11 ESV:

9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous [2] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: x neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, [3] 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And y such were some of you. But z you were washed, a you were sanctified, b you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God…

As there is nothing new under the sun; and all people struggle with sin, this puts no one in a special interest group medically, constitutionally or globally.
Why is this type of human history being presented as something new or more enlightened today than in the past?
The answer to me is best summed up by the use of the word agnosticism, an arrogance of unbelief, or not knowing the existence of God. The Bible tells us that only a fool says there is no God in his heart. Why, it is because the intellectual finds it much easier to worship their own intellectual understanding of the world around them, rather than to seek after truth in faith, and because our natures are fallen and in rebellion to being corrected.

Even the English language is continually challenged by this type of so called progressive thinking, having to remove or add words and surnames just to accommodate this degenerate progressive reasoning! Is it any wonder people are confused and misled by this type of social indoctrination and engineering? Schools do not even teach history or government any longer, but rather “Social Studies” has become the new idol for educators. I would also like to interject here, that the only constitution that makes reference to a separation of Church and State was the Soviet Constitution. It is not written in the U.S. Constitution at all. It is simply another attempt by humanists to have freedom from religion, in trying to control what people believe and are taught, in the internist of accommodating non belief in society. This perception of the law has gotten so convoluted by lawyers, that even a side walk connecting a Church with a State Nature trail, has becomes a big deal, and would not have been thought possible in the past.

I would then do away with a Nationalized Military, and replace it with an international police force or military of sorts, removing the possibility of an up rise by the people, as this would be more inline with my new world order. Is this the reasoning behind trying enemy combatants (terrorists) as U.S. citizens? Or perhaps this is done to promote the concept of being a citizen of the world, in opposition to National sovereignty and constitutional provisions for such foreign nationals.
This action would level the playing field, preventing the United States being a leader in world affaires. I would then stand back and let the Global situation in the world dictate what actions or inaction I would or would not take, including allowing nuclear weaponry development by unstable governments.

In addition I would try and administer control federally over the private market place.
This would ensure that no industry could ever threaten the kingdom I was creating, and my elitists could control all finances. If I implemented this course of action, to the health care industry, I could even control who lives and who dies.

I would also level some sort of control over the free press, information and education by legal manipulation, and appoint judges who would implement my policies. I would marginalize or make an extremist of anyone who posed a threat to my government, complete with imprisonment for merely expressing themselves in opposition to my social engineering.

Sound familiar? It should, it is the same tyrannical type of government that has always tried and replace a free society… It has always started with the removal of any God, which people would equate as being over the governing of men.
Isn’t it ironic when called a change we can believe in, when it is steeped in non belief and intolerance of opposing views?

This is how I would attempt to control the mind and hearts of the people, and would wash away any hope of being freed from such an oppressing system, by insuring that no outside power could dare and interfere globally! If this were to occur, who would rescue America from the clutch of such demise? As we are the last great hope on earth, who could we turn to in our greatest point of need? Rather this scenario sounds like the end of all Western Civilizations, and the end of the free world to me.

The organized Church as proved largely ineffective in steering people in direction of the truth, by daring to speak out in the culture war, and in many cases has become victims of it themselves instead. So then it becomes up to the individual to take responsibility and positive actions, in returning people to their God given right of freedoms at even a greater cost in responsibility. Gen. Douglas MacArthur said it best; he said “Pluralism is the Enemy, the longer we allow it to exist, the bigger and bloodier our wars become”.

Yes we must show tolerance, and love for our fellow human beings; but not at the cost of sacrificing all of civilization for the sake of not offending the ones who would rather destroy us anyway!

Wake up America, we must ensure that not only our Country remains committed to the values of a free society not only for ourselves, but for the world in general.
We cannot afford financially nor morally to become complacent in our God given responsibility to our families, our country or the world.