Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Say it ain't so...

The above cartoon: is how allot Americans feel about "half of the Mexican population" sneaking over the boarder, (at one time or another) and then making no effort to assimilate into our culture. Yet Americans are forced to accept their culture, in the name of "cultural diversity" and in "celebrating our differences".

We have already experienced signs socially, that the lid is getting ready to blow off our "great melting pot" of a Nation, while politicians (reading the pulse of the people) pass laws and entitlements, the Country can no longer afford.
For over a generation American politicians have been importing this cultural change, in the name of equality and justice for all, labor and of course the vote.
However, if you disagreed, you are almost automatically branded as a racist or other type of bigot, if you dare to disagree or speak out.
For the most part, economically speaking the poor Mexican people has been good for cheap labor, and good for liberal politicians promising free-bee's as to get elected.

Yet with the economic downturn, housing collapse, border security issues, anchor babies, and fear of being singled out by the Anglo's for deportation. This has resulted in recent upheavals around the Nation by Hispanics; (legal or otherwise) and is just another signal around the world, that this great social experiment in diversity is failing.

The United States thus far has been knit together by a common English language, and a love for the freedoms and economic prosperity we all have enjoyed. But I fear once the bread and circuses disappear, (once coined by a Roman politician) a total cultural meltdown will occur.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

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