Monday, February 12, 2007


I just got back from our men's breakfast at Church today.

I later realized that political correctness is used as a tool to silence the opposition of traditional rite and wrong.

This can only be a weapon devised of Satan himself. Think about it, who other would craft a weapon that could be so potent against traditional Christian Values.

When the Apostle Peter told Christ that he would never let him die on a cross, what did Jesus tell him... He said get behind me Satan. Political correctness is the same animal. It replaces God's law, with the "best of intended natural human sentiment". This has never served well in replacing the truth that needed to function in a society for the betterment of us all.

Let's take this premise to another level. Marriage, the foundation of the Church and her union with Christ our King. If we replace the terminology of husband or wife with the unisex term of significant other, does this not serve to undermine the very foundation of marriage by the power of the word itself?

That's another thing, the power of the written or spoken word. It is seemingly insignificant, yet whole cultures have disappeared because of the power of words. Does somebody see something that most others would miss going on here? I do, even the convenient surname of Ms. really is undermining the role of marriage, again (if you think about it) one can see the significance of this type of political correctness. If it were not important, than why would others become so upset if one should object? Or better yet have the moral fortitude to challenge the notion?

It is the most potent tool used today in the culture war!

If a Christian or others were to object to this Political Correctness weapon, they are attacked and marginalizes by being labeled as backward, old fashion, laughed at, and if that does not work than the intensity goes to the next level!

This has always been the way of oppression. You will now be called a sexist, homophobe, or cultural bigot. Than the next level of personal persecution could be that you are a racist, or a chauvinist intolerant of others different than yourself. It goes on and on , and just for trying to expose this lie of political correctness. No wonder traditionalists or Christians are afraid to speak out!

But Jesus said that he came to bring a sword (the word) to divide between truth and lie.

It is time that the Christian takes a stand against these wars of words, stands up and defends his faith with the truth and not allow the other words of political correctness (the other sword) to slay the culture of the west and his Church.

Be advised however, this must be done in love. And that takes getting on ones knees, to overcome the temptation of putting this war on a fallen level, that is always destructive for all that are involved and that would be good for no one.

For a house divided can not stand.

Roland Dell

Lightship Ministries

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