Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dumbing down of America

Did you know that most Americans that voted for Obama for President, do not know who the Speaker of the House of Representatives is, or any other Democratic Representatives in Washington?

They knew who Gov. Sarah Palin was, but do not have an understanding of who or how any other government representatives work!

A dear old friend of mine (a conservative rite to life Democrat) and local watermen, expressed to me that the Democratic Party needed to be elected again in attempting to straighten out the years of problems inherited by the Country.

He said that the Republican Party had failed to instate policies that would correct big Government policies, (and I agree with that part) but than he stated that the Democratic National Headquarters; would indeed pick the best qualified national candidate to lead the Country!

In theory he is exactly correct, as it is the responsibility of the DNC and the GOP to choose the best qualified candidates for the best interests for America as a whole.
It simply amazes me that so many people trust, and still respect their party’s leaders; yet the leadership may not even care any longer about what is "really good for the country", as they are more interested in electing people who fit their polytypical agendas!

The poor ignorant American people are deceived (in my opinion) by the large dominant multi media outlets that skew the facts for political gain; and rarely just report the news.

Most people no longer investigate or read faculae information any longer, in seing what is really taking place in our society. It is the information age, yet much of this information is disinformation and the masses know little difference!

I like many other conservatives will support our new President Elect; with the hope he will not continue to play politics’, but will do what is best for all the American people and our country as a whole.

It will take a leader with real brass to complete this task at hand.

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