Friday, November 28, 2008

Redistribution of wealth has already occurred!

I am not a financial advisor, lawyer or any other professional type however I have been watching the history of this country for about forty years.

Born in 1959, I saw what the hippie movement did to our nations morality; how the military was affected, and the attempt in spreading our prosperity to some who where not even citizens of the United States. I was in the Coast Guard when President Jimmy Carter opened our nation to some of the Cuban people who were ousted from Castro’s mental institutions and prisons.

I remember the riots that occurred in Texas prisons by some of the people that the Carter administration allowed into the country. This occurred when President Ronald Reagan was elected to office. This is also when I became a Republican; after seeing the results of an attempted multilateralism around the world by Jimmy Carter: who gave away the Panama Canal, that when built was only a territory.

I have NO problem with people south of the border, or anyone else becoming a U.S. Citizen legally. But I do have a problem with people reaping benefits off the American Taxpayer that are not even citizens. I also seem to recall that when the Clinton administration was trying to get elected for a second term; that much was done to court the “illegal vote” of non citizens from Mexico… It is my belief that the administration pressured financial institutions to make bad loans to many non-citizens that could not afford to own a home, because of the Political aspirations of the Clinton's in courting the Hispanic vote. I could be wrong, but it sure appears that way to me.

The government watchdogs responsible for investigating these loans were asleep at best.
When President George W. Bush was elected to the presidency, he would soon be face with the biggest attack on American soil in history. I am not excusing some of the bad decisions made by President Bush, but many people would love to blame every unfortunate event in American history on Bush or the Bush administration; and that is simply devoid from reality.

When the housing market collapsed prior to President Elect Obama; my father, myself and many other Americans lost a fortune because of the bad loans made!

It has essentially affected every citizen and taxpayer in this country since before I was born and afterwards. From my perspective, financial institutions that were pressured to make bad loans in the housing market were simply another victim of a politically correct government; to a large extent. Yes misappropriations of fund occurred by corporate big shots and this is “also” stealing from the American taxpayer!

Now that the “REDISTROBUTION of wealth” has already started, in spreading the hard earned money of the American taxpayer around. I predict this type of Big Government redistribution of wealth will finally stop when the American taxpayer is completely broke!

Way to go you bleeding heart liberals, you finally are getting what you wanted!
It is just that you have used everyone else’s money in doing it, what a great society you think YOU have produced!
Stop this madness today, or we will be just another third world toilet tomorrow…

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